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Tap Into The True Essence Of Your Soul Through Your Ancestral Roots

Can you imagine how different we might be if we were valued by the depth of our souls? By our unique gifts and heartfelt intentions? 


When you connect to the roots of who you truly are, the very essence of your soul through its influence from your ancestral heritage, you experience a sense of profound nourishment for your soul that can open up fates to your unlimited creativity and magic. 


Hear from Tara Wild, a storyteller and womxn’s educator who works with womxn’s organizations to help individuals dive deep into the roots of ancestral dreaming and remembering as a pathway back to reverent ways of living in the modern world. She will share unique rituals and practices we can adopt to connect with our ancestral roots to gain a deeper connection and knowing of our true soul essence. 


Plus, Tara will share a sacred ancestral song, inviting us into the beautiful experience of connecting with our ancestral roots through sound and music.

11:15 AM

Connect with Tara Wild

The S Factor

AUGUST 14th, 2020


or watch on your own time after

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DREAMINAR is a conscious reminder to live out every one of our dreams. Our mission is to unite curious individuals from around the world interested in constantly elevating their human consciousness to reach their greatest potential. 


We strive to curate innovative events with thought-provoking Dreamliners (our thought leaders) who are exploring unique and uncommon practices that help us tap into areas of personal growth in mindset, spirituality and sciences. 


Our community attracts Dreamers who refuse to stop dreaming. Always dream BIG. And is deeply passionate about connections that fuel our personal development and conscious evolution.

About Dreaminars

Soul Pass

Get your digital S Pass here. Your access to the complete half-day summit that’s going to rock your Friday on August 14th and arm you with powerful insights to implement in your personal development journey.

Can't attend August 14th, but you don't want to miss any of the incredible content? Get your ticket today and you'll receive the full recording to watch whenever!


Connect with Andrea Chaves

Connect with Chris Oh


Welcome from the founders, Chris and Andrea. Hear about the why behind the summit's theme: Aligning with Your Soul's Mission and what you'll take away from the incredible line up of Dreamliners. 

10:45 AM PST

1:45 PM EST

6:45 PM BST

The spiritual practice of Shamanism stems from Mother Nature and the notion of interconnectedness - our environment, soul, spirit and animals. It transcends religion and culture. Through these ancient practices, Shamanism can help us cultivate a deeper connection with the spirit in all things for our mind, body and soul transformation. 


Connecting with spirit and nature, as shamans do, often conjures images of the wild and remote places. There is immense value in these spiritual experiences, but Shamanic Practitioner and Intuitive Consultant Mara Bishop says shamanic practice is about the here and now.

Mara will introduce you to practical applications of Shamanism, including everyday rituals to connect with local spirits of place and how to source your power from your home spaces to cultivate inner harmony and personal growth.


Shamanism for Every Day: Practical Application for Your Soul's Growth

1 PM

Connect with  Mara Bishop

Did you know that Sound Therapy can be a highly effective way to enhance your cognitive functions, in addition to what is more commonly known to improve your wellbeing?

Sound Therapy Practitioner Niajae Wallace of The Sound Metrics will share the fascinating science behind how sound therapy works to activate your brain waves.

Plus, Niajae will nourish your soul through her unique, deeply immersive sound bath that will energetically align your Chakras, calm your nerves and boost your mood. You'll experience a raise in your vibration to enhance your peak performance and emotional wellbeing.


Enhance Wellbeing & Peak Performance with Sound Therapy

2:45 PM

Connect with Niajae Wallace


The Positive Psychology of Synchronicity

Can a coincidence be more than just a coincidence? After all, some coincidences are so uncanny, so striking and so captivating that they seem “meant to be”. This is synchronicity: the phenomenon of experiencing a striking and meaningful coincidence that connects our inner and outer world.


Hear from Chris Mackey, a clinical psychologist and the author of The Positive Psychology of Synchronicity, as he illustrates (drawing on his 40 years of experience in psychology and case studies) how synchronicity can act as a guide in our life path. You’ll learn practical suggestions on how to create and leverage synchronicity to help you through challenging times to restoring self-belief and awakening a deeper understanding of your soul’s destiny.

2 PM

Connect with Chris Mackey


Gratitude flows when we recognize our true essence in every soul we meet and share our creations. Gratitude grounds you to receive more.

We want to thank YOU for allowing us to share the knowledge and craft of each of our incredible Dreamliners with you.


Evolution of Your Soul & Manifesting Your Soul's Mission

Are you honoring your soul’s purpose? Truly celebrating the integrity of your soul? 


Every single one of us is a soul with a unique purpose on this planet, but we get easily lost in truly understanding the evolution of our soul and the journey it was intended to take due to external conditioning, getting trapped by our subconscious patterns and a disconnection with our inner guidance. 


Hear from two reputed spiritual leaders and Shamanic healers, Christina Pratt and Manex Ibar, on how learning about your soul’s evolution from your karmic wounds to your inherited subconscious patterns is the path to unlocking and manifesting the true potential of your soul.

12 PM 

Connect with

Manex Ibar

Connect with  

Christina Pratt

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