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The Mindf*ck Mechanism

with Kate Virant

9:15 - 9:45 AM

In this DREAMLINER chat with Intuitive Life Coach and the Founder of The Third Facet Kate Virant, you’ll learn how misguided fears and beliefs sabotage you from getting exactly what you want. 


Discover the role of your core beliefs and compensating strategies, how to recognize self-sabotaging behaviors and avoid common manifesting mishaps to overcome this mindf*ck mechanism so you can achieve your highest potential.

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The M Factor

06 // 20 // 2020


Stayed Tune

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About Dreaminars

DREAMINAR is a conscious reminder to live out every one of our dreams. Our mission is to unite curious individuals from around the world interested in constantly elevating their human consciousness to reach their greatest potential. 


We strive to curate innovative events with thought-provoking Dreamliners (our thought leaders) who are exploring unique and uncommon practices that help us tap into areas of personal growth in mindset, spirituality and sciences. 


Our community attracts Dreamers who refuse to stop dreaming. Always dream BIG. And is deeply passionate about connections that fuel our personal development and conscious evolution.

M Pass (ticket)

Get your digital M pass here. Your access to the complete half-day summit that’s going to rock your Saturday on June 20th and arm you with powerful insights to implement in your personal development journey.

Can't attend June 20th, but you don't want to miss any of the incredible content? Get your ticket today and you'll receive the full recording to watch whenever!


with Chris & Andrea




Connect with Andrea Chaves

Connect with Chris Oh


Hear from the founders of DREAMINAR, two big dreamers, friends and now business partners on a mission to help elevate human consciousness through community and shared knowledge.

Discover the spiritual and ritual meaning of Mandala, which is a Sanskrit word for "magic circle" and an ancient diagram that reminds us of our connection to the cosmic world beyond our mind and body. In this Dreamliner Chat with Mandala Artist Sayani Nandy, you'll learn how this experience of artistic and therapeutic self expression through Mandala drawings can give you new insight into your inner and unconscious self.

Connect with Sayani Nandy


10 - 10:30 AM

with Sayani Nandy

Centering for self and soul with Mandala


11:30 - 12 PM

with Tim Sharp

In this live 20 min guided movement with Yogi, Musician, Sound Practitioner, Tim Sharp (RYT500); YOU, our community gets to choose what type of yoga session you would like Tim to guide you through at DREAMINAR!

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The Science of Differentiation

Human Design: 

10:45 - 11:15 AM

with Yerasimos Stilianessis

In this DREAMLINER chat with Human Design Guide and Transformational Bodyworker Yerasimos Stilianessis, you’ll discover a cutting-edge esoteric system of knowledge that integrates both ancient and modern sciences to help you discover what makes you unique in the world. Human Design is a valuable tool for understanding and accepting your true nature, allowing you to gain deeper psychological insights while also offering clear strategies on how to best utilize your energy and make effective decisions in your life, ultimately guiding you on a path towards more success and fulfillment.

Connect with Yerasimos Stilianessis


12:15 PM - 1 PM

with Luna Rukmini Devi


Experience a deeply immersive and healing energy of a therapeutic sound bath led by an internationally recognized Sound Therapist, Meditation Instructor and Energy Healer, Luna Rukmini Devi. Using an array of healing instruments including Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls, Gongs, Chimes, Drums, a Crystal Pyramid and many more, Luna will take you through a profound journey of sound vibrations that will attune you to a frequency of love and positive energy, as well as restore your balance in mental, physical and spiritual bodies.

Connect with Luna Rukmini Devi


12:05 - 12:10 PM

with Andrea & Chris

Gratitude flows when we recognize our true essence in every soul we meet and share our creations. Gratitude grounds you to receive more. We want to thank you for allowing us to share the knowledge and craft of each of our incredible Dreamliners with you. We also have a special announcement to share exclusively with you before we close our summit. 

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